Sialkot Surgical Industry

Published: 18th February 2011
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History of the Industry:

Surgical Industry of Pakistan holds a history of more than 100 years, when some British doctors got their surgical instruments repaired from the skilled workers of Sialkot and that was the foundation of Sialkot Surgical Industry.

Industry Segments:

The Surgical Industry represents manufacturers and exporters of Surgical Instruments, Electro Medical Instruments, Body External Fixation Systems and Implants, Micro Surgery Instruments, Cardiovascular Instruments, Endoscopic and Gynecological Instruments, ENT Instruments, Respiratory Aid Instruments, Orthopediac Instruments, Holloware, Anesthesia Products, Hospital Furniture, Dental Instruments, Veterinary Instruments, Personal Beauty care Items and Beauty Saloon instruments.

Competitive Edge of the Sector:

There are four handsome reasons to buy surgical instruments from Pakistan:

Pakistani Surgical Instruments are the most economical in the world coupled with unconditional guarantee of finest quality.

Our delivery time is the shortest in the world. Big sized orders are executed within specified time period.

In Sialkot over ten thousand different medical Instruments covering all the sections of surgery & basics, are being manufactured. This type of assortment of instruments is not available any where else in the world.

World renowned companies of Surgical Instruments are entering into Joint Ventures with Pakistani Companies, reflecting the confidence of Multinationals in the abilities of Pakistani Surgical Manufacturers.

Surgical Association, in joint collaboration with TDAP is successfully managing Sialkot Material Testing Laboratory for the last seven years. The Laboratory provides state of the art material testing facilities to the surgical manufacturers and exporters and is successfully and satisfactorily catering the material and quality related requirements of the industry.

The current world market of medical products is estimated at US$ 30Billion and its growing gradually, keeping in view the constant developments and innovations in this sector. A major share of such a huge market can be captured.

Imran Qureshi Director Meditronix Instruments

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